PTI Leader Expresses Gratitude To PM Imran Khan For Announcing Ramzan Relief Package

PTI leader expresses gratitude to PM Imran Khan for announcing Ramzan relief package

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Apr, 2021 ) :The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) Hyderabad President Imran Qureshi has expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan for announcing Ramzan relief package under which the utility stores will sell food items at the subsidized rates.

While inaugurating a utility store in Qasimabad area here on Sunday, Qureshi said the PM had announced a Rs8 billion relief package for the holy month of Ramzan in order to support the poor people.

He said a range of food items would be provided at the reduced rates to the people at the stores.

"The PTI government wants to provide maximum relief to the people but the government is forced to take tough decisions because of the previous rulers who left the economy in a bad shape after plundering it," he observed.

He praised the PTI government's practical steps to provide relief to the people who had been hard hit by the inflation in the month of Ramzan.

Qureshi said it was also incumbent on the provincial government of Sindh to control the food price inflation.

He added that after the 18th Constitutional Amendment the provincial governments had been made responsible to control the food prices.

Iqbal Nizamani, Raheel Mustafa Samo, Mansoor Mangi and other local leaders of the PTI were present on the occasion.