Publication Of Books On Safety Of Miners Another Step Of Sindh Govt: Minister

Publication of books on safety of miners another step of Sindh Govt: Minister

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Jun, 2021 ) :Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh on Tuesday said that publication of safety course books for miners is another important step of the Sindh government for the welfare of the workers.

Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh was talking to Sindh Energy Secretary Tariq Ali Shah and officials of Sindh Lakhra Coal Mining Company (SLCMC) at his office here on Tuesday, said a statement.

Two books on one-month training course for miners titled "Safety and Rescue in Coal Mine" and "the role of the mine chief in the coal mine" was also presented to the minister.

The first 55-page book, "Safety and Rescue in a Coal Mine", with minimal illustrations, explains to miners in simple terms what steps must be taken before starting work in the mine.

The book not only discussed the presence of gases in coal mines, but also provides information on most safety measures, such as making the environment conducive to work in the mine.

The second 66-page book, The Role of the Mine Chief in a Coal Mine, states that the supervisor of the miners is actually the Mine Chief, and if the Mine Chief allows, the miners go down to the mine and start work.

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