Punjab Agriculture Sector Gets Rs 15,500m In Budget


Punjab agriculture sector gets Rs 15,500m in budget

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2019 ) :The Punjab government has allocated Rs 15,500 million for the agriculture sector under a vision to transform province's agriculture into a market-driven, diversified and sustainable sector through integrated technologies, transparency and value for money.

According to the budget documents, an amount of Rs 8,555.086 million would be utilised on 27 new schemes. The new initiatives include national programme for improvement of watercourses in Pakistan Phase II, national oil seed enhancement programme, national programme for enhancing profitability through increasing productivity of rice, national programme for enhancing command areas of small and mini dams in rain-fed areas of the country, strengthening of well drilling services, programme for establishment of model markets in Punjab, provision of missing infrastructure in 10 agricultural produce markets, revamping of floriculture activities, enhancement of honey production research and promotion of medicinal plants in Punjab, enhancing productivity of 10 low-producing tehsils through deployment of fresh agri scientists at farm level and rehabilitation of eroded, gullied land through soil conservation measures in hill torrents/ barani areas of southern Punjab and others.

Under the Public Private Partnership (PPP project) Rs 1.000 million would be utilised for establishment of model auction market in Sheikhupura/ Gujranwala.

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