Punjab AIDS Control Programme Organizes Training For PIC Staff


Punjab AIDS control programme organizes training for PIC staff

LAHORE, Jan 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 04th Jan, 2017 ) : The Punjab Aids Control Programme (PACP) organized training of healthcare providers on HIV/AIDS, treatment and counselling in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) at the Old Auditorium here on Wednesday.

The training was attended by doctors, staff nurses and paramedics from the PIC. The training covered areas of counselling and medication in case, accidental pricks, Post Exposure Prophalyxis, precautions in lab, accidental pricks, epidemiology of HIV and treatment.

Faiza Nayyer, counselling expert from Punjab Aids Control Programme, led the session. Dr Bilal Mohayuddin and Dr Tahir Naveed expressed gratitude for organizing trainings for the PIC staff. The PACP is also organizing training at district level for Medical Superintendents, Surgical Specialists, Pediatricians, Pathologists, Gynecologists and nursing staff across the province and in December trainings were organized at Gujranwala and Kasur.

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