Punjab Govt Announces To Establish ‘Punjab Panahgah Authority’


Punjab govt announces to establish ‘Punjab Panahgah Authority’

Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakhat says that 94 Panahgahs (shelters homes) are providing food and shelter to the poor people across the province, and for this purpose,  Punjab Panahgah Authoirty will be established.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 14th, 2021) The Punjab government has announced to established ‘Punjab Panahgah Authority in the province.

The authority will look after the affairs of all ‘Panagahs [shelters home] in the province.

“There are total 94 Panahgahs [shelters homes] across the province. Therefore, we are going to establish ‘Punjab Panahgah Authority,” said Hashmim Jawan Bakhat.

He said that they have fixed Rs 50 millioin for brilliant students and Rs 60 million for the help of the needy students.

He also said that the Punjab government has increased 10 per cent in the salaries of the government employees.

“For the laborours, minimum wage has been fixed as Rs 20,000,” the Finance Minister says, pointing out that they will continue to work for the welfare of the public.

Meanwhile, the opposition continued to create rumpus inside the house during speech of the Punjab Finance Minister.