Punjab, Sindh Govts To Be Approached For Surplus Animals For Peshawar Zoo: Secretary Environment


Punjab, Sindh Govts to be approached for surplus animals for Peshawar Zoo: Secretary Environment

PESHAWAR (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd july,2016) : Secretary Environment, Forests and Wildlife, Syed Nazar Hussain Shah said Friday that Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan Governments would be approached to acquire surplus animals for Peshawar zoo being constructed in premises of Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar. In exclusive interview here at his office, the Secretary Environment Govt of KP said work on the first ever zoo in Peshawar was in full swing and would be inaugurated by November this year for general public. "The Peshawar zoo is being established on vast area of 29 acres in premises of PFI and a large quantity of animals, birds and pheasants would be required for it for mass's facilitation," he said. The Secretary Environment said Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan Governments would be approached for provision of surpluses animals, birds and pheasants to be kept in Peshawar zoo," he explained.

Nazar Hussain Shah said assistance of donors agencies and organizations for provision of birds for the zoo would be welcomed. "The zoo's boundary wall and building of animals feed has been completed while work on its overhead water tank, area layout and sewerage area are in full swing," he said, adding work on construction of cadges would commence soon," he explained. In the first phase, he said, local indigenous species would be kept in the zoo and later on foreign and rare animals and pheasants would be brought to it, adding Peshawar zoo would be a model zoo of Pakistan that would provide better recreational facilities to Peshawarites at their doorsteps.

Walking and cycling tracks besides modern restaurants would be setup in the premises of the zoo to provide better recreational facilities to tourists and residents of Peshawar.

The zoo will also comprise offices, animal health care centres, a parking area, a food shops, an aquarium, a souvenir shop. The Secretary said the zoo would also serve education, public awareness and a research centre in the province. The Secretary Environment said Peshawar zoo, rehabilitation of six national parks and billions trees tsunami afforstration project are the top priorities of KP Government keeping in view its immense socio-economic besides recreational importance for people. To a question, he said ten forests are being raised under billions trees tsunami project in Khyber Pakthunkhwa to counterbalance the effects of global warming and climate change.

These would also provide natural habitats for wildlife. The Secretary said a new forest has been raised in DI Khan that helped in conservation and protection of extinct species in natural habitats. Nazar Hussain Shah said Hug Dear, an extinct specie, was again seen in DI Khan forest that was a big achievement for Environment Department.