Purchase Of Animals For Sacrifice Gains Momentum


Purchase of animals for sacrifice gains momentum

SUKKUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -8th Sept,2016) : As Eid-ul-Azha is near the prices of animals for sacrifice are shooting up the sky , as the Eid is a week ahead and it seems that this year the prices have increased manifolds, out of reach of the masses owing to poverty and high prices.

This sacrificial action as practiced by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an essential religious right in the memory of the sacrifice performed by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice their best domestic animals like cow, camel, sheep, ram, or goat as a symbol of Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his only son.

Animals from different areas of the Sindh like Kashmore- Kandhkot, Qambar- Shahdakot, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Noshehroferoze, Ghotki, Jaccabababad and other parts have started arriving in the 'Mandis" of Sukkur and Larkana.

But the rates of the animals are beyond the reach of common men which are disappointing them severely. But it is inevitable to buy something for the sacrifice. The prices of goats and sheep have also increased by up to 30 percent.

"The average prices of the animals are more than 45,000 which are out of reach of a common man. I started haggling with the retailer for buying a goat. Lessening down the discussion to the price of one animal, the seller after 25 minutes of rigorous bargaining, offered his lowest price of Rs45, 000.

Certainly the price was no way near my budget and out of frustration," Sanaullah Shaikh a purchaser there said while talking to APP on Thursday. Nadeem Memon a WAPDA employee who was present in the mandi alongwith his brother Abdul Jabbar Memon said, "I have come here to buy a goat but I got astonished when I inquired about the prices of some of the animals here in the mandi.

Vendors are selling goats above Rs 35,000". Huge rush of the residents of the Sukkur and Larkana were observed in the Mandis who have come for buying the sacrificial animals. People getting disappointed while inquiring the prices of the animals because it was beyond their buying capacity.