Qazi Yasir Condemns Re-arrest Of Party Activist Barkati

Qazi Yasir condemns re-arrest of party activist Barkati

ISLAMABAD, Jan 5 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : The Chairman of Ummat-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir, in occupied Kashmir, has strongly condemned the re-arrest of party activist and crowd-puller, Sarjan Barkati, soon after his release from Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu on court orders.

Qazi Yasir in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the court had quashed the illegal detention under draconian Public Safety Act of Sarjan Barkati, but he was re-arrested which was nothing but the frustration of the authorities,reported Kashmir Media Service.

Meanwhile, Shabroza Begum, wife of Sarjan Barkati, in a media interview said that the popularity of Barkati that brought trouble upon him. She said that his unique oratory and stirring words brought a new element to the folk culture of Kashmir and appeared at almost all the major pro-freedom gatherings in Kashmir after the martyrdom of Hizb Commander, Burhan Wani, on July 8, last year.

The police began to look for him; their house was raided several times; the family was harassed and threatened to make Barkati surrender to police, she said. "The police raided our house several times.

They would come even during nights. I would be alone with my two children, as many a time people did not allow my husband to come back home. They kept him back as the centre of attraction in the rallies," Shabroza said.

She said that Indian forces ransacked her house. "In one of the raids, I was alone in the house. They asked for my husband. They told me that I should ask him to stop attending rallies and raising freedom slogans. What could I do? I said he was representing the people's sentiment," Shabroza said.