RCB Removes 5,200 Tons Of Sacrificial Animals' Entrails


RCB removes 5,200 tons of sacrificial animals' entrails

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th Jun, 2024) The Rawalpindi Cantonment board (RCB) personnel, during the cleaning on the three days of Eid-ul-Azha, have removed some 5200 tons of sacrificial animals' entrails from the RCB areas.

"The operational mechanism, including removal of wastes, shifting of garbage to transfer points and finally dumping remained under strict monitoring through the complaint management cell set up at the RCB Control Room," an RCB press release said on Wednesday.

RCB's Additional Chief Executive Officer Umair Mehboob personally monitored the cleanliness operation round the clock, which started on Monday and continued till Wednesday night.

He took round of different areas and also supervised the control room, while field supervisors and area chiefs frequently visited their assigned areas to confirm the compliance by the staff.

More than 200 complaints were received from the residents, all of which were redressed with immediate response from complaint management cell.

During the thee Eid days, the field teams delivered notable services which were highly appreciated by the residents, the press release said.

Many residents of RCB areas, while taking to APP, said that this years' cleaning operation was up to the required response.

Raja Babar, a resident of Tench Bhatta, said the RCB teams were seen regularly visiting different streets for collection of the entrails.

Faizan Malik, a pharmacy owner, said that the RCB carried a successful cleanliness operation. All the main roads were kept clean by the field workers.

He said not only the RCB teams, but also the residents showed their responsibility towards maintaining cleanliness and placing the entrails at the designated points.

Another citizen informed APP that RCB's workers also sprayed powdered chemicals at the slaughtering spots.

RCB Chief Executive Officer Syed Ali Irfan lauded the overall cleanliness campaign. He appreciated the RCB workers who remained on duty during Eid holidays. Around 700 workers participated in the campaign which included field workers, supervisors, health officers, administration staffers, drivers, sanitary workers and monitoring teams.

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