Report Reveals Hate Campaigns Against Religious Minorities In India


Report reveals hate campaigns against religious minorities in India

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th Jul, 2021 ) :Councillor Dr. James Shera, former Mayor of Rugby, Saturday appreciated a new report "Destructive Lives", commissioned by the charity Open Doors, and independently prepared by researchers from the London school of Economics and Political Science.

He condemned disinformation and speeches that incites violence and discrimination against religious minorities in India, in the report.

In a statement, Dr Shera said, "The report is based on comprehensive investigations and discussions with Christians and Muslims across India. It paints a deeply troubling picture: a methodical campaign of violent persecution, disregarded or even encouraged by members of police, judiciary, media and even many politicians.

" Dr. Shera further added, "We call for action by international human rights organisations,United Nations, governments, financial institutions and social media companies, including the convening of an international fact-finding commission on violence and human rights violations against religious minorities in India."This statement was endorsed by the UK Pakistani Christian leaders including: Dr Peter David, Dr Noshaba Khiljee, Councillor Morris Johns, Advocate Qamar Shams, Mr Michael Massey, Mr. John Bosco, Rt. Revd Bishop Dr..Nadeem Bhinder, Mr. Saleem Khokhar ex-MPA, Mr Qamar Rafiq, and Mr Tahier Solomon.