Rescue 1122 Responded To Over 23,8782 Emergency Calls In 2016

Rescue 1122 responded to over 23,8782 emergency calls in 2016

LAHORE, Jan 7 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 07th Jan, 2017 ) : Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) responded to over 23,8782 emergency calls of road accidents and rescued around 28,3085 people and safe transported them to hospitals during the last year.

Whereas 227,390 accidents calls were reported in 2015 with increase of 11,392 accidents in one year. Similarly, 112,616 drivers, 7,296 underage drivers, 39,361 pedestrians and 131,108 passengers were among the victims of the road accidents.

The statistics show that 46,060 road accidents were reported in Lahore Control Room in 2016, which affected 47,234 persons placing the Provincial Capital at top of the list followed by 23,400 in Faisalabad with 27,977 victims and Multan at third position with 13,906 road accidents and 16,438 victims.

The details further show that out of 283,085 victims were affected by road traffic crashes including 224,407 males and 58,678 females.

According to the data, 194,966 motorbikes, 35,461 auto-rickshaws, 25,693 motorcars, 12,961 vans, 3,123 passenger buses, 7875 trucks and 25,844 other types of auto vehicles and slow-moving carts were involved in the road accidents.

The main cause of accidents in Lahore was observed over-speeding by 11-20 years of age youngsters, who sustained multiple injuries. DG Rescue Punjab Dr. Rizwan Naseer reviewed the emergency data of road traffic crashes occurred in 2016, causes and type of vehicles involved in such accidents and showed serious concern about increasing number of road traffic crashes.

He said that 90% traffic crashes occurred owing to involvement of motorbikes. He said that road safety system was of vital importance for protection of human lives.