Rescue 1122 Unfetter A String Tied Indian Kite

Rescue 1122 unfetter a string tied Indian Kite

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th May, 2021 ) :In an inspiring effort, the Rescue 1122 team liberated an Indian Kite stuck in a web of flying kite string at a tree in the Municipal Football Stadium in Asghar Mall scheme within the least possible response time.

A Indian Kite (bird of prey) was found hanging on a tree top badly strangled in the kite string and was making efforts to release himself from the painful snare, Ali Jabir a local resident told APP.

He said, "I used to do jogging daily in the Stadium where I saw a bird of prey badly captured in the kite string. I tried to release the bird but it was hanging over a distance of 15 feet and it was not possible to reach there and it left all my efforts in vain." Jabir said after making futile efforts he called Rescue 1122 to help rescue the bird where the staff along with a fire rescue vehicle and ambulance reached the spot within five minutes of his phone call.

The team efficiently set its vehicle and rescued the bird that was released after removing kite string from his neck and wings and was also given first aid.

The team members comprising Rizwan, Umer, Hamid, Zahad and Bashir amicably handled the bird and released it free after providing first aid as the bird revived to normal condition.

It may be mentioned here that Rescue 1122 other than providing rescue, relief and life support facilities to humans have also been providing services to protect wild species, stray dogs, cats and even snakes reported in homes of rural areas of the garrison city.

An official of Rescue 1122 told that they have rescued around 10 snakes of local species found in the households of Chakri and Dhamial areas.