RGA Announces Readiness Madinah Roads Receive Pilgrims

RGA announces readiness Madinah roads receive pilgrims

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Jun, 2024) Roads General Authority (RGA) announced on Tuesday that the roads in Madinah are ready to welcome pilgrims traveling to the city after performing the Hajj.

According to SPA, authority has conducted various maintenance and safety works to ensure the pilgrims' safety.

These works include surveying over 3,000 km of roads, removing over 100,000 square meters of sand dunes from the roadsides, and carrying out scraping and asphalting work on over 132 km of roads.

They surveyed and repaired road shoulders over 1,017 km of roadways and cleaned over 1,000 valley drain locations.

RGA has utilised advanced technologies in all of its work, including the world's largest road survey and assessment fleet of 18 vehicles. Additionally, the authority has introduced an asphalt recycling machine for the first time, which scrapes and repaves the asphalt in the same location, thereby facilitating the maintenance process to ensure the best services for pilgrims.

Roads General Authority is dedicated to providing all pilgrims with a safe and smooth journey, ensuring they can travel easily and safely between the holy sites in Madinah.

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