RSPN Organizes 10th National Convention Of Local Support Organizations

RSPN organizes 10th National Convention of Local Support Organizations

The Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) organized the 10th National Convention of Local Support Organizations (LSOs) here on Wednesday.

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Sep, 2018 ) :The Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) organized the 10th National Convention of Local Support Organizations (LSOs) here on Wednesday.

The event aimed at showcasing the work and achievements of 1,693 LSOs, working for the socio-economic development of rural communities in all the four provinces of Pakistan as well as in Gilgit- Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), a press release said.

LSOs are the union council level institutions of the people, fostered by Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) led by elected local community members to develop linkages with the government line departments and civil society organizations.

LSOs undertake development initiatives well aligned with the local needs and context. RSPN and RSPs have fostered these LSOs ensuring the inclusion of women through formation of 543 women only LSOs.

This was the 10th LSOs Convention organised by RSPN since 2007. The National Convention of LSOs is a platform where representatives of LSOs from across Pakistan are invited to share their success, achievements, issues and challenges.

The LSOs representatives shared their achievements of working in a range of community development projects including, education, health, sanitation, climate change, women empowerment and poverty reduction with the participants of the convention ranging from the donor agencies, government officials, diplomats and development practitioners.

The convention also serves as an opportunity to deliberate on learnings and experiences of development initiatives taken by LSOs as organised communities.

The LSO Convention was attended by Ishrat Hussain, the Advisor to PM on Industrial Reforms and Austerity, Milko Van Gool, Head of Cooperation at European Union in Pakistan, Chairman RSPN Shoaib Sultan Khan, while representatives of the Federal and provincial governments, chief executive officers of RSPs, and management and officials of RSPN and RSPs also graced the convention.

Speaking at the occasion, Ishart Hussain commended the work of RSPN and RSPs in organising communities under the platform of LSOs.

Addressing the audience, Dr Ishrat Hussain, Advisor to the Prime Minister for institutional reforms pledged to support the RSPs and RSPN in their efforts, especially in Baluchistan.

He suggested Rural Support Programmes Network to prioritise more on FATA since it is undergoing a major transition after merger in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and provincial government needs special support of all major organisations, especially the ones working at grassroots to make ensure basic rights of the returnee population.

He said that the students and youth studying in 'Madrassas' (seminaries) deserve same equal opportunities as like others in the country.

Milko Van Gool, European Union Head of Cooperation talked about the development perspective of the EU and stated that RSPs and government of Pakistan share the same approach of social development as EU.

He said that it's good to see and learn that the approach of social mobilisation is not only benefiting people on finical grounds, but also giving them voice in society making them socially empowered, especially the women."Shoaib Sultan, Chairman RSPN highlighted RSPs approach to bridge the missing links (Social Pillar) of development in the country.

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