Sacrifice Of Maryam Mukhtar Remembered On Defence Day

Sacrifice of Maryam Mukhtar remembered on defence day

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : Sacrifice of the first martyred Pakistani Flying Officer Maryam Mukhtar was remembered with great honor on defence day to pay her tribute and be a role model for the whole nation.

The national hero, flying a training mission on an FT-7PG aircraft with Squadron Leader Saqib Abbasi, encountered a "serious in-flight emergency", on November 24, 2015 in result an ill fated accident took place in Kundian, Mianwali district, about 175 kilometers (109 miles) southwest of Islamabad.

Special plays, documentaries were presented besides talk shows highlighting her great sacrifice for the younger generation. Senator Kalsoom Parveen talking to APP remarked that Maryam's courage and high aims are an example for the whole nation.

"She is our pride, and carved a special place in hearts of all", she added. Eulogizing her services, she added that Pakistani women were playing remarkable role in every field of life and now forwarded their steps towards national defence which is considered a difficult field for them.

"She was an asset for whole nation who proved that no profession is no go area for Pakistani women anymore as they are capable to prove themselves in all walks of life giving a strength to male force with national zeal and enthusiasm", she opined.

Maryam is a symbol of achievement for all Pakistani women, she further said adding that women are custodian of their respect who are ready to render any sacrifice for their homeland without any hesitation.

"She is a symbol of courage for all and her services would be written in golden words in history of the country", she stated. She further said women in different roles in society as mothers, sisters, daughters etc.

always think about others before themselves and Maryam also showed this spirit in discharging her duty and embraced martyrdom while saving the lives of on ground community. "She is a role model for all and should be followed by whole womenfolk of the nation as an example", Senator Kalsoom Parveen said while concluding her remarks.

Speakers in talk shows remembering her sacrifice shared that she lost her own life in her endeavour to save human lives on the ground and succeeded in doing, adding, "She was indeed a role model for women and pride of Pakistan".

They stated that the real aspect of life is `with great power comes the great responsibility' and Pilot officer Maryam Mukhtar admiring the nature of life fights back at her best. After her death a chowk alongside Government College for Women University (GCWU) Faisalabad had been renamed after name of enthusiastic Pilot Officer Maryam Mukhtar.

Renaming the chowk after Mukhtar was aimed for motivation of public generally and understudies girls particularly with her landmark sacrifice, they commented.