Sale Of Fried Food Items On Rise

Sale of fried food items on rise

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th Jan, 2017) With the advent of harsh winter, the demand of fish most favorite item of winter has increased manifold and fish outlets in different areas of Rawalpindi were crowded with customers.

Men, women and children come to these outlets to enjoy fried fish which is favourite dish of everyone but it becomes more popular specially in the winter season. Various kinds of fish including Simon, Pamphlet, Black Raho,Mushka, Mahsher, and Lobsters are being served at the stalls and fried fish is available at Rs.700 to Rs.1200 per kilogram.

Nowadays, vendors are also being witnessed selling fish on handcarts, bicycles and makeshift stalls from Rs. 350 to 750 per kilogram in every nook and corner of the town. The people have also started enjoying the traditional local winter food items like Doodh Jalebi, Gajar ka Halwa, chicken corn soup, Kashmiri tea, fried fish, samosa, pakora, vegetable rolls, hot coffee and other items which are high in demand particularly nowadays.

Several markets of the town including Saddar market, Chotta bazaar, committee chowk, Raja bazaar, Buni, college road, commercial market, Chandni chowk, Sadiadabad and other places are witnessing stalls of winter delights and the shopkeepers are doing a good business due to high demand and increased sale of their products.

"Gajar ka Halwa" is also considered to be one of the favourite food items in the winter. Chicken Corn Soup is widely liked soup for the customers especially in winter A large number of stalls and shops could be witnessed in different localities of the town selling traditional fried food in unhygienic way as the stallholders and shopkeepers are not following the proper hygienic rules and posing health risks to the people especially children.

The citizens have demanded of the local administration to take strict action against those who are posing threat to human health. APP/mw/kmd