Satrang Gallery Exhibits Shakespeare's Famous "Stages Of Life"


Satrang Gallery  exhibits  Shakespeare's famous "Stages of Life"

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2021 ) :Satrang Gallery on Wednesday showcased exhibition titled "Life in a play" that depicted artworks and paintings highlighting Shakespeare's stages of life.

The exhibition displayed artwork of the two artists namely Minaa Mohsin and Farazeh Syed aimed at depicting the feminist version within these scenes to highlight female dynamism passion, creativity, assertiveness.

"Sometimes playfully depicted and framed, sometimes more intense, these paintings narrate the story of each unique character," said an official of the Gallery.

According to Satrang Gallery, these two brilliant painters have each created vibrant scenes for audiences and viewers to sink into the unheard melodies of Shakespeare's unmatched worldly wisdom.

These vignettes or slices of life were like the moving parts of a play, at times absurd or dramatic, sometimes contradictory, coming together to create a complete journey.

The official further briefed that a large number of people visited the exhibition from various walks of life including students,and old citizens also with maintaining proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS).

He said Shakespeare's plays always attracted a people portraying a real picture of life with colourful images by artists or painters.

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