Scabies Found Most Common Skin Condition In Rehri Goth

Scabies found most common skin condition in Rehri Goth

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 08th Feb, 2018 ) :Scabies was registered to be the commonest form of skin condition attended at a medical camp organised by Sahar Foundation at Rehri Goth here Thursday.

Some 179 patients, both men and women, from different age groups, were attended by qualified dermatologists (skin specialists) and provided with medicines and relevant support. Dr. Abdul Hasnain talking to APP identified unhygienic conditions as the major cause of scabies that is largely a self-limiting condition.

"With the support of Sahar Foundation volunteers not only arranged free of cost medicines but soaps and essential lotion too for the patients with no or very limited resources," said the dermatologist.

In reply to a question, he said public education was extremely important to inculcate hygienic practices and healthy lifestyle among the people from cross-sections of the society. On the basis of his vast professional experience, the skin specialist said people or large sized families compelled to share small rooms or spaces are also at high risk to contract scabies.

"The disease is extremely contagious," he added mentioning that boils along with different categories of skin related infections were also recorded among the camp visitors.

To another query, he said skin conditions caused due to application of steroids in form of creams were also reported among some of the young women.

Dr. Hasnain regretted that lack of awareness and wrong choices are increasingly exposing people, including children, to skin related conditions that can not only be prevented but easily treated.

"Unfortunately lack of accessibility to qualified professionals and the rampant trend to be lured by self-proclaimed experts is exposing public health to serious conditions," he regretted. He agreed that the government needed to put its foot down and take stern action against fake doctors.

Iftikhar Ghizali, coordinator, Sahar Foundation, expressing his gratitude to the medical community of Karachi for their support, said regular support of local philanthropists was also needed to sustain the exercise.

"Qualified and PMDC registered doctors, from different medical specialists have been supportive for the public interest cause," and particularly thanked Prof. Ashraf Ganatra for his guidance and assistance. APP/rh/mkm/

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