Security Personnel Rescued, 5 Terrorists Arrested : Jordan Minister


Security personnel rescued, 5 terrorists arrested : Jordan minister

AMMAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Aug, 2018 ) :The second stage of the security operation against a terrorist cell in the northwestern city of Salt resulted in the rescue of one security personnel, State Minister for Media Affairs, Jumana Ghunimat, announced on Sunday.

Ghunimat, who is also the Government Spokesperson, confirmed the rescued agent is still alive, but listed in a critical condition.

The security operation is still undergoing with careful and well-thought-out steps, to make sure that no civilians are threatened by the terrorist, the Ghneimat added.

Civil Defense personnel moved into the building to search rubble and examine the situation, the minister pointed out."Five members of the terrorist cell are now in custody, three of which were arrested at the beginning of the operation," she added.

The minister urged the public to stay away from the location of theraid, as the security operation is still undergoing.

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