Senate Body On Interior Passes Four Bills

Senate body on Interior passes four bills

Senate Standing Committee on Interior passed four bills on Monday and deferred two legislative proposals

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Nov, 2022 ) :Senate Standing Committee on Interior passed four bills on Monday and deferred two legislative proposals.

The meeting presided over by Senator Mohsin Aziz, commenced with deliberation on the Bill titled "Islamabad Capital Territory Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Bill, 2022" moved by Senator Walid Iqbal and Senator Sadia Abbasi.

Senator Walid Iqbal apprised the committee that the bill aimed at banning inflicting of corporal punishment on children by declaring it as a crime. The committee unanimously passed the Bill after detailed deliberation.

Furthermore, the Senate body also passed the Bill titled "the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill,2021" with a unanimous vote.

Senator Syed Sabir Shah, the mover of the bill, stated that the objective of the bill was to keep the prestige of National Flag and Portrait of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Moreover, the Bill titled "the Factories (Amendment) Bill, 2022 was also unanimously passed by the committee. The mover, Senator Seemee Ezdi, informed that only eight percent of the country's total municipal wastewater and the industrial wastewater are treated before it is discharged into rivers. Therefore, the bill intends to make it compulsory for all factories to treat their wastewaters properly before discharging it to natural drains.

Similarly, the committee also passed unanimously the Bill titled "the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2022".

In addition, the Senate committee deferred two bills titled " the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022" and "the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill,2022" for detailed deliberation till the next meeting.

However, the matters regarding the murder of renowned journalist Arshad Sharif, cases of money laundering, the arrest of Senator Muhammad Azam Swati and a public petition relating to CDA notice to occupant Barrister Usman Swati appeared for discussion. Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar categorically stated that these matters are subjudice and the committee should not comment on it, until or unless it is adjudicated.

The IGP Islamabad Police Dr. Akbar Nasir submitted a report before committee with respect to funds allocated for the placement of containers in Islamabad, deployment of forces and the number of shells fired by Islamabad Police. According to the report, it has been revealed that the Federal government approved Rs.399.9281 million for the said purpose and a total of Rs. 255.636 million incurred on it. Moreover, a total of 13,800 personnel including ICT Police, Sindh Police and Pak Rangers were deployed during the protest and 2,442 shells were fired.

The meeting was attended by Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed,Senator Moula Bux Chandio,Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar ,Senator Rubina Khalid,Senator Seemee Ezdi,Senator Kamil Ali Agha,Senator Saifullah Abro,Senator Syed Yousuf Ali Gillani,Senator Shahadat Awan, Senator Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti,Senator Dilawar Khan, Senator Faisal Saleem Rehman,Senator Walid Iqbal,Senator Syed Sabir Shah,Senator Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari, Dr. Akbar Nasir IGP IslamabadPolice,Saif Anjum Special Secretary Ministry of Interior,Abdul Jabbar Additional DG FIA,Capt(R) Muhammad Usman Chief Commissioner ICT and other concerned officers were also in attendance.