Seven Lawbreakers Rounded Up; Liquor, Drugs, Weapons Recovered


Seven lawbreakers rounded up; liquor, drugs, weapons recovered

RAWALPINDI (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -5th Sep,2016) : Police have arrested seven law-breakers and recovered 1770 grams charras, 10 liter liquor, four pistols 30 bore with nine rounds from the possession of arrested accused, said a police spokesman on Monday.

He said, Saddar Baroni police netted Yasir for having 320 grams charras. Pirwadhai police held Fazal-e-Rabi and recovered 1450 grams charras. Saddar Baroni police arrested Mir Zaman for possessing 10 liter liquor while Sher Nabi was sent behind he bars on recovery of an illegal 30 bore pistol with three rounds.

Rattamral police apprehended Atif Abbasi for carrying a 30 bore pistol and three rounds. Another accused namely Dilawar Khan was nabbed with 30 bore pistol and three rounds by Naseerabad Police.

Similarly, Gunjmandi police also recovered a 30 bore pistol from the possession of Bakhat Zaman. Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigation is underway.