Speakers Highlight Various Aspects Of Hazarat Muhammad's (SAW) Life

Speakers highlight  various aspects of Hazarat Muhammad's (SAW) life

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Oct, 2021 ) :Women University Multan (WUM) Director Students Affairs hosted a Seerat-un-Nabi Conference in connection with Ashra Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen.

The aim of the conference was to enlighten the different aspects of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe-Wasallam (SAW) life.

Addressing the gathering, BZU retired prof Dr. Saeed-ur-Rehman said the arrival of the Holy Prophet (SAW) enlightened the universe. The model of beauty of the Holy Prophet is a beacon for mankind.

He discussed set of principles from Hazart Muhammad (SAW) teachings and how young generation can incorporate them to improve their lives.

Jamat-e-Islami (JI) leader Ms. Lala Rukh said that islam was the biggest ambassador of female rights. The Holy Quran was the source of information for all of us irrespective of times and ages, she said and added that all our problems could be resolved by following the teachings of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (SAW).

Allama Abdul Rahman Shaheen instructed the students to study the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) thoroughly and enlighten lives by following the paths indicated by the Holy Prophet (SAW). He also said to read about Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the poet of the East, Dr. Allama Iqbal, who were true followers of the Holy Prophet, so that they could serve the country in the light of Islamic principles and contribute to its development.

Dr. Adeela Saad said that with the revelation of the Holy Prophet (SAW), the shadows of darkness were dispelled. She urged to follow the golden guiding principles laid out by the Prophet (PBUH) and follow the teachings of Islam to regain the lost prominence and stature in the world.

Dr. Kulsoom Paracha said that the role of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was exemplary for all of us.

In the end of the ceremony, Dr. Adeela Saeed distributed shields of appreciation among the participants of the conference.