SU Scholar Returns Back From Abroad After Completing Ph.D Degree


SU scholar returns back from abroad after completing Ph.D degree

HYDERABAD, Jan, 3 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 03rd Jan, 2017 ) : After successfully completing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies at Hanyang University Seoul Korea, Dr. Syed Ahmed Shah Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Pharmacy University of Sindh has returned to his parent institute.

The university spokesman informed here on Tuesday that the scholar completed his PhD in the field of natural products and herbal medicines. His research was focused on the discovery of medicinal compounds from natural sources.

Dr. Ahmed discovered four new medicinal compounds from plants and evaluated their biological effects in order to formulate new herbal drugs against inflammation, diabetes and cancer. During his PhD studies, he also published several research articles in well reputed Science Citation Indexed (SCI) Journals.

Dr. Ahmed's research assumes vital importance in the backdrop of the prevalence of diabetes in our country, which has risen sharply in the recent times. Natural medicines have been proven to show less adverse effects in human, therefore considered ideal drugs in treating various diseases.

Dr. Ahmed plans to expand his research to discover novel and more effective natural medicines to combat this disease. The scholar held meeting with the Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro and shared with him the details of his research project abroad.

He also briefed the Vice-Chancellor on the significance of his endeavour. Dr. Kalhoro congratulated Dr. Ahmed upon his sparkling success and observed that it was very brave and extra ordinary on the part of Dr.

Ahmed that despite being a young faculty, he exhibited immense academic and professional strength by completing her research project in a foreign land successfully and in time. Dr. Kalhoro termed Dr.

Ahmed's success as a significant step forward towards record achievements of University of Sindh in the current year. He observed that university of Sindh was very proud to have more than 254 PhD teachers in its fold and expressed the fact that many other teachers were also about to complete their doctoral degree in Pakistan and abroad.