Suitable Time For Potato Sowing To Start In October

Suitable time for potato sowing to start in October

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Sep, 2019 ) :Punjab Agriculture Department has advised farmers to start preparations for potato sowing as suitable time for potato cultivation will begin in the beginning of October and will continues till October 20.

A spokesman for the Agriculture department said on Sunday that growers must sow disease-free certified varieties of potato to obtain good yield of the crop.

He suggested the farmers that 10 days prior to cultivation of the crop, the seed should be taken out from cold storage and must be placed in shady area so that it gets familiar with the outside temperature.

He said certified varieties include Faisalabad White, Faisalabad Red, SH-5, PIR-Red, Sahiwal 704, Lady Rosetta, Cardinal, Santay, Caroda and others.

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