SW&BM & UNICEF To Appoint Technical Consultant For Law On Child Protection

SW&BM & UNICEF to appoint technical consultant for law on child protection

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Jun, 2021 ) :Punjab Minister for Social Welfare and Baitul Maal (SW&BM) Syed Yawar Abbass Bukhari said that Baitul Maal department and UNICEF had agreed to appoint a technical consultant to review the provision of proposed law on child protection.

He stated this during meeting with a UNICEF delegation which visited in his office here on Wednesday.

SW&BM Secretary Hassan Iqbal sought project proposals from the UNICEF while various prospects of proposed legal reforms on child protection were discussed.

The Minister said that suggestions and recommendations from technical consultant would be reviewed thoroughly before conclusion.

He said that draft bill would be finalized after comprehensive deliberations of all stakeholders.

Syed Yawar observed that capacity building of SW&BM was utmost before taking over subject of child protection.

"To ensure elimination of child abuse and their welfare, making of legal framework on fast track was necessary", the minister added.

The SW&BM Secretary suggested that for broader scope of proposed law on child protection, child welfare should also be included, adding that "with the provision matter of child protection could be extended to SW&BM department".

He did not agree with few recommendations and vowed that proposed draft should be madecomprehensive by all aspects.