Team Baltistan Reaches Gilgit After Covering 206 Km For The Promotion Of Winter Tourism


Team Baltistan reaches Gilgit after covering 206 Km for the promotion of winter tourism

GILGIT, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th Jan, 2021 ) :A five-member delegation reached Gilgit on Sunday after covering a distance of 206 km on foot from Skardu to promote winter tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan.

They covered the distance in 9 days. People from various walks of life welcome the delegation at "BAB Gilgit" including members of the Gilgit Press Club, received the delegation warmly and paid tribute to their efforts in promoting winter tourism. Imtiaz Ali Sultan Vice President Central Press Club Gilgit, welcomed him along with other journalists and laid a wreath at the venue.

On this occasion, people lauded the campaign of Team Baltistan and said that the trekking through a difficult road is a great example of determination and courage.

On this occasion, the members of Team Baltistan, who set out on foot from Skardu for the promotion of winter tourism, thanked Gilgit-Baltistan Central Press Club, Tourism Department and other public and social circles.

The team had left Skardu 9 days ago and reached Gilgit after covering a distance of 206 km on foot.