Three Members Of Car Lifter’s Gang Killed In ‘friendly Fire’ : DIG

Three members of car lifter’s gang killed in ‘friendly fire’ : DIG

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Jun, 2024) Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Syed Ali Raza on Tuesday said that capital police killed three car thieves in early morning raid, dealing a significant blow to the inter-provincial gang's operations.

He said that three car lifters were killed by their own accomplices in "friendly fire", not by police, after a two-month investigation and trap set along their predicted route from Murree to Islamabad, he said in an interview with ptv news channel.

The DIG said that the suspects fired at police from two cars, but their own gunfire from one car killed three of their gang members.

He further said that a woman was also injured in the firing.

However, the police immediately shifted the bodies and the injured to the hospital.

“The police recovered multiple unregistered number plates, jammers, mobilizers, ignition breakers, an SMG gun and pistols from the car," he added.

“This was a notorious inter-provincial gang which was involved in car thefts in different districts as well as direct attacks on law enforcement officials,” the DIG added.

The police tracked the gang's route, set up checkpoints, and laid a trap.

As the gang approached Kashmir Chowk, they fired at police and tried to flee, but their own accomplices killed three of them, while the others escaped.