Traffic Plan For Muharram 10


Traffic plan for Muharram 10

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Sep, 2019 ) :Atleast two SPs, Six DSPs, 72 inspectors along with women traffic wardens and 1,351 traffic wardens were performing duties along the route of main mourning procession of Muharram 10.

According to the sources, all office staff was deputed on roads for facilitation of general public and no vehicle was allowed to enter from any arteries on procession route.

The main procession started on Monday night from Nisar Haveli which would conclude at Karbela Gamey Shah on Tuesday.

The participants could park their cars and motorcycles at Nasir Bagh, Mochi Gate Bagh, Data Darbar Eye Hospital, Central Model High school, and Bengali Park.

Special parking lots were arranged at seven different points for participants. Traffic was diverted to alternative routes from different points. The traffic diversion points on the route of the main procession were Akbari Gate, Bagh Ali, Chuna Mandi, Shah Alam Market Chowk, Mori Gate, Punj Peer, Katchery, PMG Chowk, M.A.O College, Lady Wallington and Saggiyan.

The traffic coming from Shahdara was diverted to the Railway Station through Azadi Flyover. Traffic coming from inner Circular Road was diverted towards Mori Gate, urdu Bazar, Chowk Cheterjee, Law College Katchery Road and Nila Gumbad.

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