Transgender Rights Consultants Launches First Ever Shelter Home For Transgender


Transgender Rights Consultants  launches first ever shelter home for transgender

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Apr, 2020 ) :For the welfare of� transgender community not just in this pandemic situation but in any other situation, Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan has launched first ever shelter home for transgender namley "Khol".

In an exclusive interview with APP, Nayyab Ali CEO, Transgender Rights consultant Pakistan said� the aim of "Khol" was to accommodate transgender community because many elder transgenders refused to entertain young transgender at their homes and many of them were shelter less in COVID-19.

She said that transgender community usually lived in groups under a house lead by an elder transgender person that were not allowing younger transgender individuals to live with them being owner of the houses in this crises.

She said that in lockdown, activities of transgender people had been limited as there was no support system existed for them in the country.

�She also said that the transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan had started a campaign on social media to ask people for donations and help the transgender community in the COVID-19 crises.

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