WASA Observes World Dengue Day To Raise Awareness Against Dengue

WASA observes World Dengue Day to raise awareness against dengue

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2024) Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Rawalpindi here on Friday observed World Dengue Day to raise awareness against dengue.

A walk was organized outside Liaquat Bagh to sensitize people about precautions against the deadly disease.

Managing Director, WASA, Saleem Ashraf, Director Admin, WASA Umar Farooq, other officers and employees participated in the walk.

All institutions and general public should work together to prevent dengue, the MD said adding, precious human lives are lost due to dengue.

WASA is making efforts against dengue within its limits, he added.

Cleaning of the offices, roofs and warehouses have been completed, the MD informed.

WASA Rawalpindi has taken solid steps to end water leakages to prevent dengue, Saleem Ashraf said.

All-out efforts are being made to remove stagnant water around the tube wells and the valve chamber of the tube wells is also kept dry, the MD added.

The employees were instructed to keep the offices completely clean.

The officials were also ordered to continue anti-dengue activities on daily basis and send photo evidence to the officers concerned, the MD said adding, earnest efforts should also be made to resolve complaints of water leakages and accumulations promptly.

Negligence on part of the officials concerned would not be tolerated, he warned.