‘We Are Helpless Since Imran Khan Assumed The Power,’ Robber Tells Shopkeeper


‘We are helpless since Imran Khan assumed the power,’ robber tells shopkeeper

The robber, however, returned the looted money to shopkeeper after he asked him to show mercy during robbery attempt.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 6th, 2021) A robber said that he was he was forced to do robbery just because of the prevailing situation after PM Imran Khan and his party came into power, a local tv reported on Saturday.

The robber made these remarks during an a robbery attempt at a shop in Karachi.

The robber returned the looted money when the shopkeeper asked him to show some mercy.

“Show some mercy as the business isn’t going well,” the frightened shopkeeper asked the robber. During this conversation, the robber used very interesting words. The robber said: “Yaar KIA Karen jb ka Imran Khan aya hey majboor hain,” [My dear what can we do? We are forced to do this since Imran Khan assumed the power].

The shopkeeper pleaded the robber not to come again to which he replied: “Inshaallah will not come back,”.

The CCTV footage of the incident came to the limelight and a local TV reported the attempt of robbery.

The economic situation is not going well, especially the traders and businessmen are complaining about fall of business activities. The prices of essential commodities besides oil and electricity prices have touched the sky. The present bad economic conditions have grinded the poor and working class of the country.