Wealth Looted, Stashed Abroad Should Be Returned: Dr Arif Alvi


Wealth looted, stashed abroad should be returned: Dr Arif Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 7th Oct, 2021 ) :President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday said wealth looted and stashed abroad should be returned to countries like Pakistan so it could be spent on people.

In an interview to a private television, he said it was still to be determined as to how much money was held in the accounts of the owners of the offshore companies.

Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly said the issue of offshore companies should be investigated and action should be taken against those who stole the public money, he added.

He said it was cruel to steal money and stash it abroad in safe havens.

The President cited example of East India Company which looted wealth of the Indian subcontinent whose people did not get anything in return.

He said investigation should be acceptable to the people, adding National Accountability Bureau and Federal Investigation Agency could investigate the issue or judiciary could form a commission.

It was not a crime to form an offshore company and send money from Pakistan through legal channels, he asserted.

He said women should be empowered so that they could own their properties and did not gift them to male family members because of pressure.

The law was present to ensure that women get the inherited property, he said and underlined the need for implementation of the property laws.

"We are running a campaign to ensure women get their properties." He said Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) always opposed war against Afghanistan.

All the world including Pakistan were interested in education of girls in Afghanistan, however the decision of segregation of girls in schools should be left to the government in Afghanistan, he opined.

He said Pakistan played a positive role in evacuation of foreign nationals from Afghanistan, adding extremists in Afghanistan should not get an opportunity to dominate.

He said $2 trillion were spent in the war in Afghanistan while this money could have been used for ending poverty in the world.

To a question, he said those in Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan who did not commit any crime, who wanted to abide by the Constitution of Pakistan and wanted to lay down arms should be negotiated with.

He said Taliban assured that the soil of Afghanistan would not be used for terrorism against Pakistan.

Debate should be held in the Parliament and society on the issue of Taliban, he added.

To a question about the use of electronic voting machines in the elections, he said the voting machines were in use since long and were very simple with a calculator and a printer.

He said the experts could show anyone the source code for use of the voting machines.

All the candidates could supervise the use of voting machines at the polling stations, he added.

Dr Arif Alvi said electronic voting machines should not be linked with politics and expert opinion should be sought from the international companies. There was no chance of hacking of the electronic voting machines, he added.