Wet Spell To Augur Well For Crops, Orchards


Wet spell to augur well for crops, orchards

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Jan, 2019 ) ::The recent wet spell will augur well for various crops including orchards in south Punjab.

Assistant Director Agriculture Information Naveed Asmat Kohloon while talking to APP here on Sunday said that the rain would have positive impact on wheat, sugarcane, maize, vegetables, mango orchards and some other fodder crops.

Due to lack of rain in south Punjab in near past, the region was surrounded by environmental pollution and the dust particles, hovering in the environment, were faced with different issues.

The process of photosynthesis had gone affected due to dust on leaves. The crops were with greater demand of rain, he added.

He termed recent rain as vital to infuse new life in agriculture. Similarly, the rain also provided nitrogen to the crops as nitrogen was present in atmosphere.

He however urged farmers to take care of weeds because the rain would grow also weeds. Although, rain would improve fruiting to mango orchards but there was threat of bacterial infection and anthracnose, he told. Black spots could emerge on mango leaves. In case of attack, the farmers should spray 250 gram copper hydroxide by mixing it in water, he advised.

He also urged farmers to contact agriculture department in case of any issues in this regard.

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