Wheat Quality Inspected At Swat Wheat Godown

Wheat quality inspected at Swat wheat godown

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Jun, 2024) Minister for Food Zahir Shah Toru along with Provincial Minister for Forests, Fazal Hakim Yousafzai paid a surprise visit to the Swat wheat godown to assess the quality of the commodity.

During the visit paid the other day, district food department officials briefed the ministers on the wheat procurement process and the stored wheat in the warehouse.

The ministers inspected the quality of the wheat and the safety measures in place.

He said the provincial government had decided to procure wheat in the best interest of the citizens.

He stated that this initiative not only made flour cheaper but also reduced the price of wheat in the market and boosted economic activities in the province.

He further mentioned that this move benefited not only local farmers but also those from Punjab, enabling them to sell their produce at better prices.

Zahir Shah Toru added that timely procurement and proper storage of wheat by the food department would prevent any shortage for the public.

District food department officials informed that all necessary measures are being taken to maintain the quality of the stored wheat and that continuous monitoring is being conducted.

The provincial ministers appreciated the performance of the warehouse staff.