Work On New Electricity Feeder Starts In Lower Dir

Work on new electricity feeder starts in Lower Dir

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july,2016) : Construction work on new feeder of electricity in Talash area of district Lower Dir has been started to curb electricity problem of locals. The project will be completed at an estimated cost of Rs27.8 million and with the completion of the new project and 19-km long transmission line, the problem of low voltage would be overcome in the area, reported a private news channel. New feeders have been approved for Timergara and Adeenzai while new power transformers would also be installed in different villages.

Local residents of the area have also expressed happiness over the inauguration of work on the new feeder. "We have been facing problems due to low voltage and frequent tripping as the old feeder cannot stand heavy load.

Now we hope that the problem will be overcome," Ali Haider, a local resident said. Omar Ghani, another local said due to low voltage of electricity, they were unable to use electrical appliances but hoped they would not face the same problem in future.