Actor Shaan Takes Depression All Wrong


Actor Shaan takes depression all wrong

For Shaan, it is just a tool actors use to achieve depth in a certain expression and not a personal struggle.

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 2nd February, 2019) Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, who is known for his verstalie roles, recently made some rather absurd remarks about depression and mental illness.

Depression and anxiety are very common these days. Be it a common man or a high profile celebrity, most of the people seem to be suffering from depression in one way or the other.

We have seen various people committing suicide due to depression as well.

Sometimes the people who appear the most energetic and lively to us are the ones who are the victims of such mental illnesses.

Recently, tv actor Moshin Abbas Haider revealed that he is suffering from depression. Responding to Mohsin, several other celebrities also shared their battles with depression.

However, veteran actor Shaan took the idea of depression all wrong, saying actors use it as a tool for ‘acting’.

Apparently, for Shaan, it is just a tool actors use to achieve depth in a certain expression and not a personal struggle.

In his recent social media post, Shaan said for an actor/artist depression is a tool to achieve the depth of a certain expression.

He further said that actors have to feed depression to their minds for a particular character and some tend to cross the line and get ‘addicted to pain to learn the craft’.

“Unfortunately actors and artists tend to cross the line... and get addicted to it the depression the pain ... to stay with another character in your body is like fighting addiction .. but there is a way out of this black hole,” he continued.

“We pick up careers without looking at the pros and cons the effect it will cause .. without a plan without protection we jump into the most sophisticated part of the human body ... mind
we see the bright side of the entertainment world not the dark side,” the Arth actor further wrote.

Shaan’s understanding seems to be limited for an issue as sensitive as depression and mental illness. While he might not have experienced such a problem, undermining other actors for their depression issues is also not right.

More than that, depression is not just related to ‘method acting’ and is not an ‘addiction’, it is a state where a person feels helpless and sees darkness in everything.

Until we spread awareness about depression and mental health, the issue will continue to be misunderstood in the Pakistani society.

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