Armeena Khan Receives COVID-19 Vaccine In England


Armeena Khan receives COVID-19 vaccine in England

The actress who was accompanied by her husband and who also received his jab urges people to go for it, saying that it doesn't hurt.

LONDON: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-March 15th, 2021) Lollywood Star Armeena Khan has received COVID-19 vaccine in England, the latest report say.

The actress accompanied by her husband has received the vaccine.

Taking to Instagram, Armeena Khan shared her video of receiving the vaccine, with a caption: “Just got my vaccine done! I’m so relieved and grateful.

It didn’t hurt at all, it was super quick and the staff were super nice. Thank you @nhsengland,”.

The actress’ husband also received the vaccine. Armeena Khan urged people to undergo the vaccine, saying that it did not hurt and was quite important for their safety from COVID-19 that shook the entire world.