Artists Have To See Beyond Nationalism For Peace, Says Mehwish Hayat


Artists have to see beyond nationalism for peace, says Mehwish Hayat

The Lollywood star and recipient of Sitar-e-Imtiaz has has shared her speech she delivered in Oslo in 2019 as throwback to emphasize over films based on more balanced-content for peace.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 15th, 2021) Lollywood superstar Mehwish Hayat has shared video clip as throwback while representing Paksitan in Oslo.

The actress’ impressive speech has gone viral on social media, grabbing huge attention of her fans and followers.

Mehwish Hayat had said that there was a great need of producing films not just for Pakistan but about Pakistan, shedding light over how the Hollywood and films portrayed Pakistan before their audiences.

“I have lost counts of films even in the last years that Pakistan has been shown in a bad light,” said the actress while exposing biased conent and production about Indian film industry.

She said Indian films could have brought us together but they just showed Pakistanis as villans.

“We artists need to perform beyond nationalism if we want play our role for semblance of peace,” said the actress in her speech.

Mehwish Hayat stressed upon peace and more balance films for peace. She also pointed out the biasness in Hollywood films in which Pakistan is shown differently to a large audience and Islamophobia is fanned.