Dananeer Mobeen Faces Professional Setback Over Advocacy For Palestinian Cause


Dananeer Mobeen faces professional setback over advocacy for Palestinian cause

The social media influencer says she lost many work opportunities for standing up for Palestine but she has no regrets about it.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Nov 27th, 2023) A prominent Pakistani social media influencer and actress Dananeer Mobeen has disclosed that her outspoken opposition to the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and her steadfast support for Palestine have led to the loss of several professional opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Mubeen, known for her candid expressions on social issues, especially the ongoing crisis in the middle East, has recently shared on Instagram that her advocacy for the rights of Palestinians has resulted in missed work prospects.

She boldly stated, “I lost many work opportunities for standing up for Palestine, but I have no regrets about it,”.

This revelation has ignited discussions across various platforms, with speculation arising that Mubeen might have foregone international work opportunities due to her principled stance on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The actress's disclosure echoes a trend observed in the past, where some Hollywood actors faced professional repercussions for openly expressing support for Palestine, leading to their exclusion from Jewish brands or tv productions.

Mobeen expressed her emotional turmoil, questioning the possibility of normalcy in the face of the ongoing atrocities. She reflected, “Every morning I wake up and think everything will be okay, but how will everything be okay when I see bodies? How do we fix this?”

Highlighting the heart-wrenching reality of parents holding their lifeless children, she questioned, “Do parents hold their dead children in their hands? How will everything be okay? It doesn't happen, and it shouldn't happen,”.

As of October 7, the Israeli bombings in Gaza have resulted in a staggering toll, with over 14,850 Palestinians casualties, including fatalities, and more than 36,000 injuries.