Faiq Mansoor, An Actor In Making From Islamabad, Pakistan Gets Known For His Performances

Faiq Mansoor, An Actor in Making from Islamabad, Pakistan Gets Known for His Performances

Many of us have goals and life milestones that we manifest and achieve later, sometimes decades after

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Sep , 2023) Many of us have goals and life milestones that we manifest and achieve later, sometimes decades after. But on the other hand, some people seem to get everything they want from life right after they plan or wish for it.

Among these fortunate individuals, we find a child actor named Faiq Mansoor, who truly embodies passion and love for acting. He was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. However, when it comes to acting and being a part of the Pakistani media scene, his presence has added significant meaning to many channels and dramas.

Even without being a part of the prominent Pakistani dramas, he had the chance to work with famous celebrities who have made a massive impact in the drama and film industry.

If you're wondering why he chose to become an actor while other kids were busy playing video games, several interesting facts come to light.

First and foremost, Faiq is a child actor who doesn't buy into the myth that popularity and fame are everything. Although he's just thirteen, yes, he's a teenager, but he understands that in this world, education is crucial. So, with that in mind, he's devoting full attention to his studies. Currently, he's a student pursuing O Levels and has aspirations of furthering his studies in Media Sciences.

Another reason behind his choice of acting over other pursuits is that he decided to try his luck in dramas. When it comes to his successful appearances in dramas like "Ahd e Wafa" and "Parizaad," it's because of the quality of his acting that he's taken very seriously. However, we all know that this is not always the case because child actors are hardly given massive recognition.

Now that you know why he chose acting over other activities, let's talk about Faiq's interest in modelling.

Faiq not only excelled in dramas but also ventured into modelling at a very young age. If you're wondering whether he has done any tv commercials or not, the answer is yes; he has appeared in several TVCs and music videos.

Once someone asked him, "Faiq, what do you think the world needs right now?" He responded, "To me, the world needs peace and a lot of harmony. There shouldn't be any room for hatred, and everything should revolve around love, care, and support."

Moreover, at just thirteen, Faiq can easily be described as a visionary individual who understands the importance of maintaining boundaries on social media. He is

undeniably one of the youngest actors with a packed schedule.

Yes, he is a source of pride for our nation and our country, Pakistan. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours. As a nation, we applaud his successful journey in the world of fame and media, and it's hard not to think about his significant presence.

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