Jannat Mirza Becomes First TikToker To Have Over 10m Followers


Jannat Mirza becomes first TikToker to have over 10m followers

The TikToker who has over one million followers on Instagram shares her TikTok videos there.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/ UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Oct 9th, 2020) Jannat Mirza became the first Pakistani TikToker who touched 10 million followers mark on TikTok on Friday.

Jannat after her fame on TikTok entered into mainstream entertainment industry by appearing for a music video.

The Tiktoker received over 10 million views on YouTube after her appearance for Punjab song titled “Shayar”.

She received congratulations message from countless fans on the social media app after she achieved this milestone. On other hand, Jannat Mirza has over one million followers on Instagram—the forum she shares her TikTok videos with.