Madiha Imam Condemns Online Harassment Over Husband's Religion

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Madiha Imam condemns online harassment over husband's religion




The actress response comes after her husband Moji Basar was trolled on the social media regarding the religion.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 6th, 2024) Madiha Imam, a prominent figure in the Pakistani showbiz industry, on Thursday expressed strong dismay regarding the social media harassment surrounding her husband Moji Basar's religion.

The actress response came after her husband was trolled on the social media about his religion.

The development took place after a user questioned the actress in response to one of her posts on Reddit that “Are you from a Syed family? Can a Syeda girl marry a Hindu?"

Responding to the query, the actress said, “I have clarified numerous times that my husband is not Hindu; our Nikkah ceremony was conducted.

So please be calm now,”.

She emphasized, “We should refrain from making derogatory comments about anyone's religion, ethnicity, or nationality,”.

Madiha Imam tied the knot with Indian producer Moji Basar last year on May 1, and the couple exchanged vows in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while their wedding reception took place in India.