Mahira Khan Unveils Her Unfulfilled Dreams


Mahira Khan unveils her unfulfilled dreams

The actress says she loudly shared her dreams with everyone and fortunately they all came true.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 1st, 2024) Superstar of Pakistan's showbiz industry and renowned actress Mahira Khan revealed her unfulfilled dream.

Mahira Khan recently participated in the Pakistan Literature Festival, where she discussed various topics.

During the program, director Wajahat Rauf asked the actress if there was any dream that remained unfulfilled or anything she still wished to achieve in life.

In response, Mahira Khan said that many dreams are still unfulfilled.

She mentioned the belief that sharing dreams could prevent them from coming true, but when she was young, she loudly shared her dreams with everyone, and, fortunately, they all came true.

Mahira Khan revealed her unfulfilled dream, saying that she wanted to direct a web series or film one day. She expressed her desire to write something and become an actress who cannot be criticized, someone whom no one can say does not know her craft.