Swara Bhaskar Addresses Stereotype Questions Around Adopting Child


Swara Bhaskar addresses stereotype questions around adopting child

The actress says that people often raise typical and stereotypical questions about women who want to adopt a child, saying that ‘Oh, you know,  now you won’t get married’ or ‘who will marry you and etc,’.

MUMBAI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Dec 4th, 2021) Swara Bhaskar, a Bollywood actress, has spoken up about the typical stereotypes and concerns attached to women who want to adopt a child.

“There are very typical concerns that people have like ‘Oh, you know, now you won't get married’, or ‘Who will marry you’, and I did hear that from some people. But I have to say that overwhelmingly, I had a lot of support from my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, my close friends and family,” said Swara while talking to Free Press Journal.

Swara’s reaction came after a month she sparked frenzy amongst her fans with her decision to adopt a child and invited criticism from keyboard critics.

The actress also talked about adoption process, admitting that she was treated like any other prospective parent who wishes to have a child.

She said, adoption process involved several steps including background checks and that happened with me as well. I was not treated any differently. “The officials that I spoke to were very helpful in explaining the procedure to me, but no special favour was given,” said Bhaskar.

“Like everyone, I’m now on the waiting list. I don’t know how many years it will take for me to actually be assigned a child, it’s a random lottery system, you cannot choose if a child is allotted to you,” she added.