Teefa In Trouble Protests: People Are Not Buying Waleed Zaman's Apology On 'we Support Sexual Harassment' Statement


Teefa in Trouble protests: People are not buying Waleed Zaman's apology on 'we support sexual harassment' statement

Kayseria's creative director Waleed Zaman walked away from the protests saying “We support sexual harassment of women.”

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 21st July, 2018) The Lahore premiere of Ali Zafar and Maya Ali starrer Teefa in Trouble was held last night at Cinepax Cinema.

A large number of people from the entertainment industry showed up at the premiere. However, as the movie was being showcased inside the cinema, some people were protesting against Ali Zafar outside it.

Following the sexual harassment accusations made by singer Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar, a boycott Teefa in Trouble campaign had gained momentum. A show of it was hence seen outside the Nueplex Cinema, Karachi on Thursday and Cinestar Cinema, Lahore on Friday.

Meanwhile, Waleed Zaman, the son of fashion retail brand Bareeze’s owner and creative director of Kayseria, was stopped by the protesters. The protestors asked them questions regarding their attendance and support for an alleged sexual harasser but Zaman and his wife walked away, saying “We support sexual harassment of women.

This statement drew ire from social media where he was called out for making such irresponsible remarks.

Later, Zaman tried to clarify the statement using the ‘husband card’. He said that his wife was being threatened, harassed and provoked by the protesters and he made the statement in reaction. He added that he did not mean what he said as he felt helpless at that time.

People are however not buying his apology.

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