Veteran TV Actor Naila Jafrri Passes Away


Veteran TV actor Naila Jafrri passes away

The actress had been fighting hard battle against cancer for last six years.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-July 17th, 2021) Senior tv actor Naila Jaffri passed away on Saturday.

She died after six-year long and hard battle against ovarian cancer. She was getting treatment from Liaquat National Hospital in Karachi.

The actress’s brother confirmed her passing away , and her funeral prayer would be offered later today in Defense Phase II and burial would be held at Army Cemetery on Kala Pul.

Jaffery had been performing on television since the late 1990’s, and was one of the ‘veteran’ performers. She enjoyed lots of success and gave heart touching performances in dramas such as Maa Mujh ko Sulana, Desi Girls and Thodi Si Khushiyan provide ample justification to her success. She was one of the few talented actors in Pakistan who had worked in theatre and on TV.

She was also a fashion designer. She did her last drama serial in 2016, after which her cancer was diagnosed.

She was vocal about her illness and in her last few months before moving on to her heavenly abode, she was admitted in the hospital where she recorded a video message for the entertainment industry and the Government of Pakistan. In the video she requested the government to support senior actors and those who have worked in the entertainment industry for the country. She lamented that dramas are re-run on air however, actors do not receive any royalties and added that in the early days actors used to receive royalties however, that culture does not exist anymore. After her video message, many actors such as Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mansha Pasha and Ushna Shah shared her video in support.