#Wetoo: Male Model Reveals How Men Face Sexual Harassment In Media


#Wetoo: Male model reveals how men face sexual harassment in media

Shares conversation with a designer making him an 'offer'

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 18th May, 2018) After the ongoing #MeToo campaign voicing against sexual harassment against women, men have also come out to share their experiences on how they have also been sexually harassed.

Pakistani model Mujahid Rasool took to Instagram and shared screenshots of his conversation with a designer, revealing the real picture of the media industry.

Speaking his heart out, the model quoted the designer from the conversation, “I have my own conditions! Can we meet alone? Show me your n*** pictures! & so on……”
He said that these type of statements have to be faced by me since the day I am struggling in this media industry and I am more than 100% sure that I am not alone in this case, there could be many more out there. But, to get their aims achieved, many would have been entangled in the tentacles of those animals.

Mujahid Rasool said, “I have been waiting all these years if someone speaks up about these black sheep openly but no one did. But yesterday, after 3-4 years later, same designer started to ask me if I will fulfil his conditions now.”
The model went on to say, “My only fault is this that I believe in hard work rather than finding these shortcuts. For me, my self-respect is more important than any work I will get by losing it. So, if you think that after these years my values would have been changed? So, listen, all this struggling time makes me even stronger and believer of hard work. I will keep on smashing my head in this media industry to create my space rather than to be impressed by your lectures.
“Why I have to go through all this to match my talent? Why I have to fulfil someone’s immoral conditions to get that work that I deserve? Why a black sheep should say to me if I will not fulfil their filthy demands then I can’t be successful in this media industry? Why I have to shout on myself and my passion after struggling for seven to eight years in this industry and listening these bullshits? Why there is no streamline organizations recognizing and sustaining fresh talents? If there are, then why would they hire such bastards to do these most important jobs?” the model raised many questions.

“I have been struggling this field for 7-8 years which is been an experience full of harassment. So, I am speaking on my behalf (& might be on behalf of hundreds out there) that #WEToo are being harassed.

In another post, the model continued, “We are being harassed not by one particular designation but each and every one from “Content head to Directors”, from “Designer to Photographers to promoters”. If I decide to write Names here, then their masks will be taken off.”

The model also thanked Meesha Shafi for speaking up on the matter and helping him do the same.

To this, Meesha said, "Don’t let anyone project their fears on to you. There are many who will work with you based on your merit. Giving work to people in exchange for inappropriate actions is ILLEGAL! And a gross violation of human rights and dignity!"

The #MeToo campaign has gained much momentum throughout the world and it recently hit Pakistan with Meesha Shafi's tweet alleging fellow singer Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Since then, many people have come up to share their experiences of being sexually harassed. However, this male model has revaeld another side of the industry where men also harassed and asked to compromise on their morals to get a chance.

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