British High Commissioner Arrives At Rawalpindi Stadium In Traditional Rickshaw

British High Commissioner arrives at Rawalpindi Stadium in traditional rickshaw

RAWALPINDI, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Dec, 2022 ) :British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner on Thursday arrived at Pindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi riding in a traditional rickshaw to witness the historic Test match between Pakistan and England.

The top British envoy shared a video on his official Twitter handle wherein he can be seen boarding on the rickshaw while holding a cricket bat and wearing a jersey, containing the Names of both Pakistan and England.

Before getting in the rickshaw, he tells the driver in Pothohari (the local language of Rawalpindi and adjoining areas), "Raja Ji, Pindi Julsanh tae match taksanah!" (Raja Ji, let's go to Rawalpindi and watch the match).

He also spoke in urdu saying that the epic contests between Pakistan-England had taken the game of cricket to new heights. "We had an incredible T20 series between the two countries. That was followed by an awe-inspiring T20 World Cup final. On both occasions, England cricketers stole the show.

"Now all eyes are on Tests. Which team is the best? (Keep watching) From December 1 to 21. Victory will belong to the team that shows the most passion on the ground.

"Boys, give it your all because when passion is running in your veins, you never give up," he asked the players.