Russian Authorities Detain 15 Pakistanis Going To Watch Euro Cup 2021


Russian authorities detain 15 Pakistanis going to watch Euro Cup 2021

Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhari says they are well aware of the situation Pakistanis are facing and have taken up the matter with the relevant authorities in Russia.

MOSCOW: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 19th, 2021) At least 15 Pakistanis have been detained by the Russian authorities during last 48 hours, the latest reports say.

The Russian authorities have stopped number of Pakistanis going to watch the Euro Cup at the airport.

“Pakistanis have been stopped over suspicion of having fake fan IDs,” the Sources quoting the Russian authorities have said.

They say, “Four Pakistanis have been deported by the Russian authorities,”.

However, most of the Pakistanis who had arrived there to watch the Euro Cup on real fan IDs.

On other hand, Foreign Office Spokesman Zahid Hafeez has also reacted to the detention of Pakistanis, pointing out that the office is fully aware of the problem Pakistanis were facing.

“The Officials of the Pakistani embassy are in touch with the Russian counterpart,” says the Foreign Office.

The matter has also been taken up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Russian Embassy in Islamabad.

“I’m hopeful that issue of stopping Pakistanis at the airport will be resolved amicably soon,” Hafeez added.