Stenson Selfie Eases Pain For Fan Hit By Swede's Golf Ball

Stenson selfie eases pain for fan hit by Swede's golf ball

Pebble Beach, United States, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - APP - 16th Jun, 2019 ) :Henrik Stenson took a slight detour on the way to his share of ninth place at the US Open Saturday, posing for a selfie with the fan hit by his errant shot at the 16th hole at Pebble Beach.

The Swede ripped an eight-iron second shot that flew into the gallery behind the green.

"I clipped the guy right on the forehead," Stenson said.

"It was a semi-shank, it wasn't a full one. That would have been better because then it probably would have hit the trees." When Stenson -- who finished with a one-under 70 to join a group sharing ninth place on four-under -- went over to check on the man and offer an apology, he was relieved to see he hadn't caught him in the eyes or teeth.

"He's in good spirits because he's taking selfies of himself while he's down on the ground," Stenson said. "I walk up to him. I said, 'I'm sorry.' What else can you say? "And he says, 'Can you do me one favor? Can I take a picture with you?'"So next thing I'm down on the ground as well, taking a picture, a selfie, laying down with him and his girlfriend."Stenson said he felt the fan "had maybe one or two refreshments that might have eased the pain before the strike."

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